Wide Margined Scriptures

For a while now, I have been enamored with Bible Journaling.  It’s beautiful, artistic, and inspiring.

After I ran across Brad Jackman’s wide margined scriptures, I realized I could make Bible journaling and Book of Mormon Journaling a reality.

I decided to start my journaling on the Book of Mormon, because that’s what I was already in the middle of, but the Holy Bible is next!

I printed double-sided pages of the entire Book of Mormon.  I then took my pages to Staples and had them spiral bind it, and add a plastic front and back.

It cost about $12 between all three binding jobs.

It was super exciting to finally get started!

My first day, I tried a little harder to look more like Bible journaling.

But it didn’t take long before I mostly turned that extra space into a note taking space.

I still love the Bible journaling look, but it was more functional for me to use the margins for comments, questions, and thoughts.

I have been using the wide margins for the last several months, and it has been such a nice way to document my notes!  I used to write in a separate scripture journal, but now I can have my notes right beside the verses that they refer to.

I also have plenty of room for taking notes the next few times I read through!

Try it out for yourself!  Get more creative and Bible-journal-y if you want, but recognize that the system also has to work for you.

It’s a little bit of an up-front investment, but it’s worth it for how long you can re-use it.

Some days I get more artsy…

And other days I just take notes.

I love having the wide margined scriptures!

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  1. Ronelle says:

    Love this idea!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should try it out, Ronelle! It’s been really great for me.


  2. Holly Goodman says:

    I like this! Good idea.


    1. Thanks, it makes a huge difference in my study. 🙂


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